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Michael Arellanez (“Michael”) is the founder of Arellanez Legal, a law firm priding itself on client care and advocacy. At Arellanez Legal the client's needs and expectations are of the utmost importance. Michael works with each client to make sure they understand their case and the steps that will be taken to achieve results. 

Michael is a precise, aggressive attorney with extensive experience. He began his career at the San Francisco Public Defenders Office where he learned and developed client advocacy skills while being mentored by some of the best attorneys in California.

Prior to establishing Arellanez Legal, Michael practiced complex construction litigation, successively representing prominent developers, general contractors, and subcontractors in large and complex lawsuits throughout California. Many of the lawsuits involved multiple parties and claims for damages ranging from $2,000,000 to $120,000,000.

In addition, Michael has extensive experience representing injured clients in personal injury lawsuits. Prior to practicing complex construction litigation, he represented many plaintiffs and defendant companies in personal injury lawsuits throughout California. Michael has a unique perspective and insight regarding how insurance companies and defense attorneys handle personal injury matters.

Michael also has experience drafting Wills and Trusts. Whether it's a client wishing to gift property to a charity or needing to use their property to provide for their children in the future, Michael can help. 

Helping the clients of Arellanez Legal begins by making time to speak with each client about their case. It is important the client understands that when issues arise, Michael has the skills and experience to advise them. His extensive and diverse legal experience is utilized to obtain the best results for his clients.

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Arellanez Legal is a client oriented law firm dedicated to helping clients with their personal injury and estate planning needs.