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Pedestrian Accidents Increased In 2020.

California experienced a five (5) percent decrease in motor vehicle crash fatalities in 2019.  However, pedestrian accidents involving motor vehicles increased in 2020. This concerning trend is reflected nation-wide as well.

NBC reports pedestrian "...deaths in 2020 increased by 21 percent from 2019 — the largest annual increase since such data collection began in the mid-1970s..." These numbers are troubling and concerning because pedestrian accidents usually involve serious injuries.

Common Pedestrian Accident Injuries.

Seat belts save lives and helmets save lives, but pedestrians have little to no protection from motor vehicles. Roadways and Highways are filled with cars, trucks, motorcycles, ride-share vehicles and most drivers are too distracted by phones, rush to get to their destination, or experience fatigue. This greatly increases the risk to pedestrians.

According to a report in the Association for the Advancement of Automotive Medicine, the most frequently injured body regions during an accident "...were the lower extremities (50% of victims), the head/face/neck (38%) and the upper extremities (27%)."

In addition, the most frequently injured body parts are as follows:

  • The legs (20%);
  • The knees (14%);
  • Loss of consciousness - head injury (25%);
  • Shoulder/arm injuries (16%); and
  • Pelvic injuries (9%)

Unsurprisingly, at least seventy-three (73) percent of pedestrians sustained some type of fracture. We recommend you read our latest article regarding Brain Injuries as well. The article contains very important information regarding diagnosis and treatment.


Common Pedestrian Accidents Causes.

Negligent drivers are one of the most common causes of pedestrian accidents.  Negligent drivers cause accidents by exceeding speed limits, driving drunk, driving distracted, or driving while experiencing fatigue. However, there are other causes of pedestrian accidents.

Injuries can also occur when a pedestrian on a sidewalk is knocked down. Pedestrians are often forced to share sidewalks with:

  • Runners;
  • Outdoor exercise classes;
  • Bicyclists;
  • Scooters;
  • Skateboarders;
  • Leashed and unleashed dogs;
  • Other distracted pedestrians; and
  • Groups of people walking (e.g. tour guides).

Common Pedestrian Safety Tips.

Pedestrians must obey the law and should incorporate additional safety measures to avoid injury. Pedestrians can possibly avoid injury by practicing the following:

  • Incorporating bright or reflective clothing;
  • Walking toward traffic;
  • Being attentive;
  • Avoid walking between parked cars or cars stopped at traffic signals;
  • Avoid walking behind cars that are backing up;
  • Waiting and checking the roadway before crossing;
  • Using crosswalks; and
  • Walking sober.

Being aware of the time and day can also help pedestrians avoid injury. According to the National Safety Council night time pedestrian deaths are high during the week and peak on Saturdays.

Can I File A Lawsuit Against The City or County for Poorly Maintained Roads?

Premise liability laws apply to property owners including Cities and Counties.  However, your time to file a complaint against a government agency is limited. In addition, there are certain procedural requirements that must be adhered to before a lawsuit can be filed against a government agency. For claims involving personal injury an injured pedestrian would have six (6) months from the date of the occurrence to file. We highly recommend you read our latest article about filing claims against government agencies in California. 


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